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The name “The Hole Picture” was inspired  by Daryl L. Hunter’s muse of light and subject which was born of the embarrassment of riches that is Jackson Hole Wyoming. As the decades roll by Daryl’s muse has expanded to include the world.

When I was a wander lusting young man I would often find myself in beautiful places, so I bought a camera so I could document my wanderlust.1n 1987 I packed up my view camera, medium format camera, and my 35-millimeter cameras and headed to Jackson Hole Wyoming, one of the best places on earth to be an outdoor photographer. 

Today I lead photography tours and workshops in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks as well as other destinations both in the USA and abroad. I have been hired to speak about photography in Europe, Asia and Oceana. Photography has opened up the world for me.
My photography, wildlife video, and feature stories have been published by Passion Planet, National Geographic, Audubon, Outside Magazine, Snow Country, Outdoor life, Esquire Sports, New York Dailey News, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, U.S.A. Today, San Francisco Magazine, Musher Magazine, Mother Jones, Time Magazine, Mule Deer Foundation Magazine, Muley Crazy, International Wolf Magazine, Fly-fisherman, Idaho Magazine, Western Byways, Wyoming Lifestyle, and Bugle Magazine etc. As a stock photographer my photographs have been published all over the world.

Photography has more payoffs than money. Long before finding commercial success I found photography drove me to search out pretty places or to scrupulously dissect my existing surroundings to find magical light. This quest drew me to seek out beautiful things even in adverse conditions. Wherever we go with our photographer’s eye, we are looking for a beautiful rectangle we can isolate out of the chaos of life, when you are always seeking beauty, you will find more than your share ~ that is rich!





Featured collections, prints, and blogs
Featured Collection
I recently returned from California and had the opportunity to capture the Super Bloom. I added several captures to the California Landscape Gallery.
Featured Prints

Moose in the Tetons

It is a rare day when you can capture a perfect reflection of the Grand Tetons in the Snake River with the bonus of a moose or two. As a photography guide as well as a landscape photographer, I have been to this spot hundreds of times and this day made me very happy!

A Venice Evening

Photographing Venice Italy is amazing at any time of day but it positively glows shortly after sunset. Photographers call the time after sunset before it gets totally dark the “blue hour.” It is a great time to take photos, especially cityscapes, as the intermingling of natural and artificial light creates dramatic effects and the world is imbued with blue. The juxtaposition of warm and cold light can be quite pleasing.

Strolling Grizzly

Close encounters with grizzly bears are always fun, it its the exhilaration 

Featured Blogs

Photography ~ The Nature Of Light

Running horses, dust, Jackson Hole

By Daryl L. Hunter

Most photographers create random acts of beauty; enlightened nature photographers deliver consistent encapsulations of light and time. Galen Rowell once said: “The landscape is like being there with a powerful personality and I'm searching for just the right angles to make that portrait come across as meaningfully as possible.” Galen did so because of his mastery of light.From the inception of photography, it has been about capturing light.



Age and pursuit?

I am at that awkward stage of aging where I sometimes forget about it, usually while in pursuit of an elusive photo with a rapid expiration date. It wasn’t until I was forty-three when I took on the task of fatherhood. Another task I added concurrently was to not appear to be the old guy to my young son Scott. I went too much pain to appear to be fifteen years younger, activity wise, than the weary carcass beneath the weary smile.


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Enter - Signature Fine Art Prints - Daryl L. Hunter


Signature Collections

Free Ride, Jackson Hole Bison1 Arizona Slot Canyon2 Artists Point3 Bicklit Cowboy, Getting Western4 Working Cowgirl5 Big Sur Sunrise6  Neighborhood Pitigliano7 Blue hour Leopard8 Bicyclers, Morro Bay Sunset9 Buffalo Sunset10 Canoes Moraine Lake, banff11 Canyonlands Storm12 Church at Val di Funnes13 Crowfoot Mountain Reflection14 Decisive Moment15 Evening Lights, Venice16 Firery Sunrise, Banff17 Golden Sunrise, Elk Herd18 Fisherman Kekaka Beach Kauai19 Full moon, Bryce Canyon20 Dinner Time, South Africa21 Full Moon, Cunningham Cabin22 Free for All, Moose23 Grand Prismatic Spring24 Grand Teton Sunset25 Grizzly Bear Family, Yellowstone26 Hog Shack Sunrise27 Jackson Hole Wolves28 Horsehoe Bend, Pink Sunrise29 In Awe of Dad30 Ice Climbers, Cody Wyoming31 Jumping Mountain Goat32 Lake Misurina, Dolomites Alps33 Light Beams, Waimea Canyon34 Canyonlands Sunrise35 Mountain Goats, Snowstorm36 Mount Fuji Sunrise37 Mountain Magic, Lake Mcdonald38 Flying Snow, Bighorn Sheep39 Music in the Mountains40 Neuschwanstein Castle, German Alps41 Onset Claustrophobia, Morro Bay Surfer42 Pitligliano Sunset43 Reflecting on Grandeur  44 Grizzly Bear Portrait45 Reflecting on Wildlife46 Reflections, Marina  di Corricella47 Running Wyoming Mustangs48 San Juan Autumn49 Stormy Sky, Atrani Italy50 Elk Herd, Canadian Rockies51 Stormy Teton Sunset52 Swan Valley Autumn53 Teton Valley Autumn54 The Watering Hole55 Thrownet fishing Guam56 Trophy Mule Deer57 Tropical Lovers58 Two Wolves Reflection59 Wiamea Canyon, kauai60 Yoga The Bear61 Winter Reflections62 Uncertain Future63 Winter Sunset, Teton Valley64