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Colorado Collection

Dallas Divide Autumn
Fiery Sunset, Ridgeway Colorado, Dallas Divide, Colorado
Split Rail Fence, San Juan Mountains, Last Dollar Road, Colorado
Cimmeron Valley Autumn
Golden aspens, Cimmeron Valley, San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Telluride Autumn
Crystal Lake Autumn, San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Molas Lake Reflecton, Silverton Colorado
Timmeron Ridge, Owl Creek Pass
Colorado ranch, Last Dollar Road, San Juan Mountains, Teluride
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde Ruins, Cortez, Colorado
Bridalveil Falls, Telluride Colorado, San Juan Mountains, Autumn
Silverton Colorado
Crystal Lake Panorama, San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Pinnacles, Golden Aspen, Cimmeron Valley, San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Telluride Colorado, Autumn, new snow,

Colorado Collection ~

All of Western Colorado is breathtaking to behold; hence a magnet for landscape photographers.  Its mountainous regions particularly stunning, causing it to be an extremely popular destination.  When choosing a Rocky Mountain Home in 1987, the decision was nearly Teluride Colorado. I often second guess myself for chosing the Greater Yellowstone instead.

Few locations in Colorado will put you more than a few minutes drive from a quintessentially beautiful Colorado scene and the dozens of ways to experience them year-round. From the highest sand dunes in North America at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve to 54 Rocky Mountain peaks that rise over 14,000 feet to red-rock formations that seem to rip from the earth to the rolling grasslands of the eastern plains,

Colorado has one of the most unique and varied natural landscapes in the world, and is a treasure trove of photo fodder for the photographer. From its sensational landscapes and soaring mountains to its cool cities and quirky gold-rush towns, the star of the West is home to some of the most beautiful places in the country.


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