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Grizzly Bear Fine Art Prints

Four grizzly bears, Grand Teton National Park, grizzly 610
Glowing, grizzly bear, Grand Teton National Park
Wrestling, grizzly, bear, cubs, grand teton national park, Jackson hole, wyomiing,
Grizzly Bear, Snowstorm, Yellowstone National park
Big grizzly boar, mud volcano, Yellowstone National park,
Momma grizzly, three cubs, grizzly sow, grand teton national park, spring snow
Four grizzly bears, on thin ice, oxbow bend, grand teton national Park
Grand Teton Grizzly Bear Family, sow and cubs
Long face, grizzly bear, Grand Teton National Park, bokah,
Snake River Grizzly Bear, Grand Teton National Park
Three Grizzly cubs and sow, Yellowstone National Park
Grizzly mom and cub, casting reflection in pond while swimming
Mother grizzly and Yearling cub, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Photographing Grizzly Bears ~

Photographing grizzlies and wolves is one of my biggest thrills much to the peril of the rest of my photographic checklist. I often retrospectively kick myself for driving past beautiful sunrises and georgous scenery in the hopes of getting to a good bear spot where a bear may or may not show up. The anticipation of the thrill of finding then photographing these amazing animals causes me to jettison all photographic pragmatism.  When I was a younger adventure seeker I would challenge the rivers and ski slopes for my adrenalin rush, now I am older and slower and find I get the same adrenalin rush standing stationary behind a tripod photographing carnivores. Perhaps not the best decision to make when you are older and slower but adrenalin rushes aren’t necessarily about safety or common sense.

It is my pleasure not only to photograph these magnificant creatures, but also to lead photography tours to show others how to shoot them. Sharing my knowledge with Yellowstone visitors not only enables me to spend more time photographing in the field, sharing this resource with the public helps the grizzlies in the political arena as most who encounter them become an advocate for them.