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Amalfi coast, atrani, five masted schooner, royal clipper, clipper ship, antiquity
Chapel Val di Funne, Italy, dolomite mountains, olde range, south tyrol
Arch of Love, Isle of Capri
Gondalas, Rialto Bridge, Venice
Marina  di Corricella, Procida
Vernazza at Blue Hour
Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italian Riveria, fishing village, harbor, antiquity,
Mt. Latemar, Italian Alps, Dolomite Mountains, south tyrol
Capri Harbor, boats, mountain, fishing port,
Olde Range, Val di Funne, dolomite mountains, south tyrol, italy
Fishing Village, Cinque Terre, Italy, Italian Riveria
Moena Italy, Dolomite Mountains, Italy, italian alps
Winding Road, Cinque Terre, Vernazza, Italy
Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Stormy Sky, Atrani, Italy
Manarola, cinque terre, italy at blue hour
Evening lights, Venice Italy
Colorful fishing nets, Procida Italy
Pitligliano Italy at Sunset
Lake Miserna, Dolomite Mountains, Italy
Misurina Lake, Dolomite Church Selva di Cadore, Dolomite Mountains, Italy

Photographing Italy ~

As a landscape/wildlife/lifestyle photographer from the Yellowstone region I have developed an appetite for landscape and nature photography and vicariously travel the world to the great landscape and wildlife destinations of the world through photography magazines and social networking. Diligently working to be able to reach some of these places myself someday I devour the world’s beauty beyond my reach through the lenses of others.

I have my list of places, places I’d like to shoot like Churchill Manitoba for polar bears, the Alaska Peninsula for Brown bears, and Antarctica for penguins, and Africa for everything else. The great landscape destinations call to me also. The glaciers and peaks of Patagonia, The marvelous karst hills in Guilin China, the camel infested drifting dunes of the Sahara, the dancing lights above Iceland etc. but Italy wasn’t on my radar for places I must go.

I have often written –serendipity is the photographer’s friend. That said, serendipity is an undependable partner in photography. One day I had led a couple of guys, Bill and John, on a photo safari in Grand Teton Park and they liked my teaching style. Bill and John were impressed with what they learned in a very short amount of time. A few months after their photo trip they contacted me and asked whether I’d like to do a few days teaching in Naples Italy. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. In a roundabout way, a trip to Italy fell in my lap.

Oh, as a history buff, Italy had always intrigued me because of its wealth of history, and so I had always thought it would be cool to visit the antiquity, but I had never though of it as a photo destination that appealed to my style.   The more I goggled up possibilities; the more excited I became.

I found Naples was in close proximity to the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that National Geographic had rated the third most beautiful drive in the world. Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii were there, and the Isle of Capri was a short ferry ride away, my excitement grew.

As I planned I concluded, I couldn’t go to Europe and only come back with beach stuff to add to my portfolio. Considering this I looked for additional place and found the Alps were just a short 9 hour drive away I started researching for feasible photo opps of mountains. My trip was in the middle of May so I was afraid Switzerland wouldn’t be green yet so I studied the Bavarian Alps of southern Germany as I believed the low altitude valley bottoms would be green with hopefully, some snow dusting on the peaks. The German Alpine Road looked really intriguing; beautiful farming valleys with towering alpine peaks guarded by dozens of castles on the hills and on islands in the lakes. Then I came across a few photos of the Dolomite Mountains of South Tyrol, The Pale Mountains, as they were once known, owe their special qualities to the unusual mineral makeup of the dolomite rock. In the light of late afternoon, the mountains take on a distinct pink glow, another UNECO World Heritage Site; I was smitten, the Dolomites it was.

My road trips are all work and no leisure as most great light brightens only the first and last parts of a day in a golden light way. This requires shooting late, and early wakeup calls. These hours are challenging anywhere but in a foreign country it can be even more so – it also demands the autonomy of a car.

When I told those in the know, I would rent a car and drive in Italy, they often would say something like: “You are a brave man,” other’s would say after a maniacal laugh; “you’re a freaking idiot. They all though wished they were going with me and asked whether I needed an assistant.

Private Italy photo tours can be arranged