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Southwest Landscape Fine Art Prints

turret arch as seen though North window arch in Arches National Park
Mesa Arch, glow, starburst, sunrise, Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah
New Snow, Zion National Park, winter, virgin river red rocks, bare cottonwoods, Springdale, Utah
Landscape Arch, longerst arch, Arches National Park, sunrise, pink sky, desert landscape, colorado plateau, Moab, Utah
Desert storm, colorado plateau, canyonlands national park, thunderstorm, Moab, Utah, weather
Winter, new snow, Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park, red desert, sandstone, cloudy, saturation, Ceder City, Utah
False Kive, Anasazi Ruins, Canyonlands National Park, secret location, Moab, Utah, desert landscape
Delicate Arch, sunset, southwest, colorado plateau, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
The Watchman, autumn, fall colors, virgin River, sunset, evening light, southwest, Zion National Park, yellow cottonwood, springdale, Utah
Sunrise at Mesa Arch, orange glow,
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde Ruins, Cortez, Colorado
hiker, canyonlands, canyon, mesa, buttes, light, vista, view, Moab Utah, Canyonlands Natonal Park
Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona
Twisted tree, Green River Overlook, Canyonlands National Park, pinon pine, cedar tree, sandstone, red rocks, canyon, green river, desert, southwest landscape
Virgin River, Zion National Park, zion canyon, fall color, red cliffs, green water, springdale, utah, desert, southwest Landscape
Virgin River, golden cottonwood, fall colros, canyon, cliffs, Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah,
Grand Room, Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona
Sunrise at Horseshoe Bend, Page Arizona
Fisher Tower, Las Sal Mountains, Moab, Utah
Sunset at Twin Mittens, Monument Valley, Arizona
Evening at Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
Navaho Hogan, Monument Valley, Arizona
Grand Room, Upper Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona,
Oak Creek flowing though the stunning landscape of Sedona Arizona
The Watchman, evening glow, virgin river, golden cottonwood trees, red sandstone, Zion Naitonal Park, blue sky
The American Southwest • The American Southwest is a land of extremes harshness, as well as beauty. Temperature is the most obvious extreme element — there's intense heat, especially in the lower elevations, but with cool to cold nights and winter snow at higher elevations. This is why I don’t go there in the summer unless I need monsoon photos of storm cloud and lightning. The natural landscape is stark but striking, filled with bright blue skies, brown and tan sand, and the dusty greens of the sparse foliage. Water is scarce, but where rivers run or pools form, they provide the welcome relief of an oasis of green and the juxtapositions of the oasis is a marvel to capture.

Growing up on the coast of Central California, it took me a while to appreciate the desert.  Initially I viewed at as “dead country” bereft of life giving water.  Later I became a photographer and learned to see photographically, this focused my silly preconceived notions.  Legendary photographer Gallen Rowell wrote a revelation somewhere stating how since the desert landscape is largely bereft of forest; it reveals the shape of the land  (poorly paraphrased). Of course I was drooling over the photos that accompanied the explanation. Today I find the red rocks of the desert country simply mesmerizing. 

When it comes to unique landscapes, it’s hard to top the American Southwest. Surreal rock formations reveal a diverse and ancient geology and a rare perspective into the evolution of the planet. Hike through Zion Canyon, called a “Yosemite dressed in red”; Bryce Canyon, a fairy-tale amphitheater of spires, columns and pink pinnacles, known as hoodoos.  The iconic Grand Canyon, the unreal arches scattered across the Colorado Plateau and the geological sculptured in the slot canyons scattered throughout. The scale of Monument Valley, and the Sarajevo’s of Sonoran Desert, and even the ancient towns around Taos provide photographers with a chance to capture subjects in the context of deep time

The harsh light, sweeping panoramas, and sculpted pueblos of the American Southwest make it an ideal subject for photographers. An alien landscape of red canyons, silhouetted cacti, highways stretching toward distant horizons, and cowboys astride tired steeds, have been photographic subjects since pioneer photographer Timothy O'Sullivan made the first images of it in the 1860s and 70s.

As a mountain lover, I especially appreciate a characteristic that our deserts share with most of the country from the Rockies west: the deserts of North America are uncommonly mountainous. The desert light is crystalline and brilliant, making deep shadows and sparkling highlights. The colors are just incredible and that is the reason I return time after time.