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Cowboy Photo Collection

Cowboy, campfire, coffee pot, wyoming
Pack train, hunting, cowboys, wyoming, winter, autumn, snow, river, mountains
Working Cowgirl, Cyndee Clark, autumn, wyoming, western culture, cowboy up,
down at the corral, cowboys, horses, dust, backlight, wyoming
Working Cowgirl, Lydia Moss, Idaho, authentic, black hat,
Hot brand, burning hair, smoke, western life, western culture, cattle ranching, Idaho
Cowboy, Wyoming, Grand Tetons, herd wild bison, wyoming,
Cowboy Portrait, J.P. Robinson, Wyoming, closeup, detail
cCattle Drive, cowboys, dust, wyoming, jackson hole, western, cattle ranching, agriculture
Saddles, western gear, wyoming, detail, still live, western, cowbly, guest ranch,
Cowgirl driving horses, roundup, western life, guest ranch, wrangler, remuda
Driving horses, roundup, dust, backlight, running horses, guest ranch, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Western Life
Cowboy riding the range, thunderstrom, cows, ranching, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Cowboy and his dog, cattle drive, Idaho, swan valley, western life, agriculture, portrait, western culture, western life
Riders, cowboys, swiftcurrent lake, Many glacier, Glacier National park,
gathering up the remuda, horse driver, cowboy, grand tetons, jackson hole, Wyoming
horse, bridle, detail, abstract, western gear, horse tack, macro, western life,
Running horses, Grand Tetons, roundup, driving horses, guest ranch, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Wyoming Wranglers, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Texas Longhorn, cattle ranching, Idaho, backlight, texture study
Working Cowgirl, autumn color, cattle drive, western chic, cowgirl up, western culture, western life

Cowboy Collection • I love photographing western culture, it is so rich with texture, color and characters .





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Featured Collection
The Canadian Rockies where superlatives of grandeur become mute in a landscape abounding with peaks competing to dominate the sky, psychedelic lakes that contend for the coolest colors of the light spectrum and rivers that appear to be a pleasing, but reality defying mistake in Photoshop. Rich in wildlife bighorn sheep, mountain goats and the ubiquitous elk are like so many exclamation marks upon the landscape..................The Banff Collection
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Moose in the Tetons

It is a rare day when you can capture a perfect reflection of the Grand Tetons in the Snake River with the bonus of a moose or two. As a photography guide as well as a landscape photographer, I have been to this spot hundreds of times and this day made me very happy!

A Venice Evening

Photographing Venice Italy is amazing at any time of day but it positively glows shortly after sunset. Photographers call the time after sunset before it gets totally dark the “blue hour.” It is a great time to take photos, especially cityscapes, as the intermingling of natural and artificial light creates dramatic effects and the world is imbued with blue. The juxtaposition of warm and cold light can be quite pleasing.

Strolling Grizzly

Close encounters with grizzly bears are always fun, it its the exhilaration 

Featured Blogs

Cortina d’Ampezzo – shooting the Dolomites, take two

By Daryl L. Hunter

In the spring of 2017 a photo assignment, once again, took me Naples Italy. I again had the opportunity to return the Dolomite Alps, a mountain landscape that blew me away on my first visit. My first trip to the Dolomite Mountains in 2014 I had a marvelous time exploring the mountains of South Tyrol and Trento basing out of Bolzano or Bozen, as the locals know it. The Italian Dolomites offer a unique corner of the Alps with distinctive geology and a fascinating blend of cultures. This time I will hit Cortina d’Ampezzo.


Age and pursuit?

I am at that awkward stage of aging where I sometimes forget about it, usually while in pursuit of an elusive photo with a rapid expiration date. It wasn’t until I was forty-three when I took on the task of fatherhood. Another task I added concurrently was to not appear to be the old guy to my young son Scott. I went too much pain to appear to be fifteen years younger, activity wise, than the weary carcass beneath the weary smile.