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Bow Lake Reflection
Bow Lake Reflection

The Canadian Rockies


The Canadian Rockies where superlatives of grandeur become mute in a landscape abounding with peaks competing to dominate the sky, psychedelic lakes that contend for the coolest colors of the light spectrum and rivers that appear to be a pleasing, but reality defying mistake in Photoshop. Rich in wildlife bighorn sheep, mountain goats and the ubiquitous elk are like so many exclamation marks upon the landscape. During berry season, you are more likely to see a grizzly or black bear than an elk.

No matter which direction you go along the Bow River, and Icefields Parkways, it as if you had Colorado’s San Juan Range on one side of the road and Idaho’s Sawtooth Range on the other, California’s Sierra Nevada around the corner with Wyoming’s Grand Tetons on the opposite side. All with the added bonus of prodigious waterfalls spilling out of the glaciers like the Chugach Range of Alaska. Of course all the water the feeds this panoply of the colorful lakes is what makes the Canadian Rockies famous.           

Being one of the most photogenic landscapes on earth, we have all seen photos of its break away stars, iconic landscapes like Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake, Spirit Island, and Lake Louise, and Bow Lake but there is so much more. Waterton international Peace Park’s Red Canyon and Prince of Whales Hotel, Jasper National Park’s Maligne Canyon, and Pyramid Peak and it’s names sake lake at the foot of the peak that provides so many reflections, Yoho National Park Emerald Lake and Kootenay National Park’s Marble Canyon or merely the towering limestone escarpments showing off their eons of geology over lush valleys like Kananaskis Country and beyond. Not a moment will be wasted while exploring this amazing country.

I had been reading about the skiing in Banff and seeing photos of the Canadian Rockies for decades. Upon completion of my first visit, I was kicking myself for not visiting decades earlier, allowing me to return dozens of more times.

The Canadian Rockies have become a favorite photo destination, and I eagerly anticipate my next opportunity to return to capture its magic.


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