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Grizzly 399 and her three cubs
Grizzly 399 and her three cubs

Grizzly 399 produces triplets again?


Grizzly 399 produces triplets again, or so it seems. Absent is the red ear tag bling that positively identified her in the past. Nonetheless a 400-pound road tolerant grizzly sow has shown up in Grizzly 399’s territory with three new adorable cubs. With my caveat stated, we will assume this is 399.

This prolific sow produced her first cub around 2001 and her first triplets in 2006, the second set of triplets in 2011 and now a third bunch of fur balls for spring of 2013. As much as people all over the world have grown to love grizzly 399, although unlikely, I hope this is a different sow.  The reason being, the only know surviving cub of 399’s 2011 crop of cubs is the cub her daughter, grizzly #610 of the 2006 crop of cubs, adopted when it got separated from sow 399 in August of 2011.  Yep it’s a lot of numbers, are we confused yet?

Grizzly sow 399 is now seventeen years old and it appears she isn’t the awesome parent she once was.  Grizzlies in the wild live to be about twenty years old so #399 is into her senior years and evidently isn’t as attentive as she once was. These cubs will have a better chance for survival if this sow is a different and younger one than our old, favorite matriarch grizzly of the Greater Yellowstone.

Instead of my reiterating the family sage again, if interested, visit my blog post (Grand Teton Park’s Famous Grizzlies, 399 and 610)

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