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Fuji Sunirse
Fuji Sunirse

Stories & Articles

Please pardon the mess!

I'm importing all posts from another server, a long and tedious process. All posts are imported: however, many don't yet have photos.

Completed blogs will have a photo by their link. I'm figuring out format as I go along.


Photography Articles

Introduction to Photography
Photographic Exposure Basics
The Crop-factor Myth Misconstrued misnomers and disseminated confuusion
The Nature Of Light
Post Processing Hell
Living a Richer life without any money
Photographic Composition
Eighteen Below Zero, a photographers delight
It's Outdoor Photographer Magazines fault

Rationalization verses Justification

Lunar Eclipse Over Grand Tetons

The Vagaries of Seeing ~ Photographically

Search for Serendipity ~ the photographer's quest.

Milky Way, Two Medicine Lake

Wildlife Articles

Yellowstone Wildlife Bison Grand Tetons, Fine Art Print
Africa Photo Safari
A Protective Firewall for Yellowstone Grizzlies
Bear Spray Really Works
Wolf Chase
Thirteen point trophy buck
A trophy buck - through the years
Locking Horns - Bison Demonstrating Metaphors
Locking Horns

Wildlife ~ Fight or Flight

The Mustang Conundrum

Keystone Species - Greater Yellowstone

Mule Deer of Jackson Hole

Yellowstone Beaver

Hungry Wolves

The Wolf ~ Icon of the wilderness

Yellowstone Grizzly Bear

Black Bears of the Greater Yellowstone

Grand Teton Park's Famous Grizzlies 399 and 610

Rocky Mountain Elk of the Greater Yellowstone

American Bison - the Buffalo of Yellowstone

Bullwinkle - Yellowstone's Shiras Moose

Greater Yellowstone's Bald Eagle

Owls of the Greater Yellowstone

Grizzly with four cubs

Mountain Goats of the Greater Yellowstone

River Otters

Grizzly 399 produces triplets again?

Travel Stories

Colorful Procida • Procida a heavenly little piece of rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Autumn in Glacier National Park
The Grand Tetons
Photographing Yellowstone


Mad winter dash for Yellowstone

Inclement Weather Photography

Italy in a round about way #1 in series

The Amalfi Coast ~ Italy in a round about way #2

Naples & Capri ~ italy in a round about way #3

The Dolomites - Italy in a round about way #4

Cinque Terre - Italy in a round about way #5

Autumn in Glacier National Park

A touch of Bavaria

Cortina d'Ampezzo - shootinng the dolomites, take two

Spring has sprung in Yellowstone

Photographing Delicate Arch

The Grand Tetons

Superlative Yellowstone

False Kiva - Canyonlands National Park

Amazing Pitiglano

Matterhorn Photo Quest

Oh' Cinque Terre

Procida a heavenly little piece of rock in the Tyrrhenian sea.

Zion in Autumn

A Skeptic's Venice

Photographing Japan's Izu Peninsula

Driving in Japan

The Bidit - a new experience

The Illuminative Magic of Mesa Arch

The Canadian Rockies - where superlatives of grandeur become mute

Fall Photography in the Grand Teton National Park

My Big Sur

Autumn in the San Juan Mountains

Grandeur Of Jenny Lake

Jackson Hole, the only hole for me!

The Greater Yellowstone Eco-system

In Media

A Cheechako's Alaska

Come on Sub-Zero - longing for a 20 below day

Hylite Reservoir - Western Byways

Podunk Perfect - The Swan Valley Life - Idaho Magazine


Greater Yellowstone's Western Heritage

Welfare Anecdotally
Teeland's General Store
My Free Horse
My Free Horse

Age and pursuit

Empty Nest, now what?

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Snow Birds

An Indian Buffalo Hunt for Yellowstone

My first elk hunt

Wilderness - a few thoughts

The Resort Town Curse

Racist Really?

Wildlife Video


Let It Snow

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