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Photography according to me ~

“The quest for serendipitous convergence of light and subject lives in the hearts of all dedicated photographers. When you are always seeking beauty, you will find more than your share. That is rich!” ~ Daryl L. Hunter

I am a lover of pretty light! Some I know are wildlife photographers, some are landscape photographers, the smart ones are lifestyle, portrait and wedding photographers, they make money. I never wanted to do portrait photography; however, when I can capture a good candid, I am thrilled. I would love to photograph the beautiful people, but am too shy to ask. Lifestyle shooting is fun, but I’m not pragmatic enough to follow up with collecting model releases.  

Bug, wildlflower, astor, macro,
Bug on a wildflower

Luck favors the prepared mind, as does serendipity.  Webster's definition-Serendipity - an apparent aptitude for making fortunate discoveries accidentally. Audacious, is the person who chooses to make their living stalking serendipity from one location to another then back again hoping to capture light as it has never been captured before or tougher yet as they may have captured it in the past.  But that is what we do, serendipitous light and its convergence on nature or action is what drives us.

Whether the light is, the morning sun kissing a working cowgirls face, alpenglow of a mountain peak, the look or toil on of a Japanese fisherman, a bug on a wildflower, or the life and times of a grizzly bear, I am happy to be firing away. I just love the process of capturing light despite what reflects it. 

Japanese Fisherman, heda port, Japan
Firsherman, Heda Port, Izu Peninsula, Japan

Landscape photography was my first love, wildlife photography my second.  Now with the kids out of the house, and my new ability to do some traveling, travel photography has become a new addiction.

The capture of sweet light remains our goal. A photographer's magic is the ability to stir the soul with light and shape and color. The road to better photography begins with an understanding of the nature of light. Photographic light can be fleeting, and has been the cause of much anxiety, disappointment and jubilation for all nature photographers. We search endlessly for the moment when the natural world is bathed in that golden light. Rarely are we rewarded to our satisfaction: however, the journey is good. Time and perseverance have resulted in the rewards that come to the persistent; however, it has been a long and winding road.

Cowgirl, Two Jack Lake, grizzly 399